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im_runwild56: AU/AH: Damon has given up. Life is just not going right (up to you, however you choose to make his life be miserable). He is about to give up when he comes across a brown eyed beauty- Elena volunteering at an animal shelter. He gets to know her they have a heart to heart about life. Elena gets him to see that things could be looking up, nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Any rating. Extra points for Fun flirty banter, an adopted animal finding its forever home, hot cocoa, sleigh rides, and a mistletoe kiss.
dannielle1989: My prompt goes as follows: A different take on the 12 days of Christmas. I'm thinking somehow, miracle, magic I don't really care Elena wakes up from her evil induced sleeping curse far earlier than she was supposed to. But she doesn't tell Damon or Damon doesn't find out because he's away. Details are up to you. She wants to make sure his Christmas is special. So for the 12 days before Christmas she sends him anonymous gifts until the final day when she reveals herself. Bonus points for well thought out gifts that speak "Damon", a tender love scene, mistletoe and hot cocoa.alwayselisabeth: Damon and Elena's relationship are not going very well - they've been fighting, screaming at each other and been miserable for months, until Damon decides to make a change. He wants to show Elena just how exciting their relationship used to be and how good they were together, before they started fighting. He starts putting every second of his day into their relationship, making this Christmas the best one Elena has had since her parents died. Points for Damon giving gifts, a fight ending up in lovemaking and the happy couple decorating a tree together!

seethegoodinyou: Caroline organizes a "Sexy Santa" contest at Whitmore, and Elena suggests to Damon that he enter, never expecting him to actually take her up on it. Luckily for her, he's feeling festive this year, but does he have what it takes to win the contest and make this Christmas a memorable one for Elena? Feel free to make it as fluffy and/or smutty as you'd like. ;) Bonus points for naughty/nice jokes and other Santa-related snark from Damon.

thisis_myescape: I'm an angst-addict. I don't have a super specific prompt, do whatever you want, but I'm craving for someone to take my heart in their hand and crush it. Make me cry big, fat crocodile tears with your words! Make me need to take a break so that I need to calm down before continuing on, and then I want to cry again when it ends on a heartbreakingly beautiful note (fluffy or tragic, it's your call). Basically, just make it painful. Please.

tamilnadu09: ELF! If you haven't seen the movie (and really, who hasn't!?) Elf is about a human who ends up at Santa's workshop. When he grows up, Santa lets him go to NYC to find his real family. His father is a jerk- total workaholic, cares only about money, appearances, etc. Anyway, when he goes to a popular store, the manager ends up thinking he's there to WORK as an elf. So there's a whole comedy of miscommunication going on. There he also meets a girl, who he falls in love with and they date and he shows her what the spirit of the holidays is all about. SO: Damon- the human who grew up as an elf / Elena- the girl he falls in love with, who shows him around NYC. / Giuseppe- the mean spirited father, obviously. But he's not too important for this story. / Should be fun & cute :) If you've seen the movie, then feel free to add in any other of the plot details, as I just gave a broad overview in my summary.scarlett2112: Damon and Elena are married, on the verge of divorce. They visited with their parents, trying to act civil but knowing their marriage is over, they leave to go home a few days before Christmas. They have car trouble in a tiny remote town surrounded by mountains. Because the car parts needed for their car repair have to be shipped in, they're stuck in the town for several days. The town goes all out for the holiday, Christmas pageant, decorations, Christmas trees galore, you name it. The town's people take Damon and Elena under their wing so to speak. Somehow amidst the magic of this little town and the magic of Christmas, they realize that they still love each other too much to give up.

elizabeth85cec: For my prompt I'm thinking that somehow Elena ends up in 1864 when she goes into that deep slumber, somehow pulled into that era because of Damon's heartbroken despair. Katherine never existed, or did and it's after she's gone, or Elena drops into her body or whatever, your choice really. All I would love to see is an 1864 Christmas love story where Elena makes the holiday for 1864 Damon. PS. I'm thinking that's a good loophole that brings her back in the present to Damon, but it doesn't have to be that intricate. Just good lovey dovey fluff!! I'm more of a smutty story kind of girl, but pure DE swoon worthy romance will be perfect as well!

dope_rev (Twitter Login): Set after 3x14, the Mikaelson's Ball during which Elena states that Damon's love for her might be the problem. Elena realises that this Christmas is not going to be merry at all as she finds herself alone at home on the 24th until the phone rings and an exhausted Sheriff Forbes begs her to come and pick up a drunk Damon Salvatore, who's compelled half the girls to be his playmates [not sexually, just for entertainment like dancing on the table ;)]. I'd like to see a cocky and tough Damon.bibi_ca: Based on the movie "The Holiday" one of my favourite Christmas movies. Elena, a famous, rich film producer or script writer, just brakes up with her terrible, terrible boyfriend and decides she needs a break from her chaotic life in LA. She finds this website where people go to exchange residences (houses). There she meets, Stefan. A guy who wants to get away from his small town of Mystic Falls, and his boring, quite life. (you can invent a reason he wants to flee so badly). They decide to switch houses for two weeks. Once Elena gets there she stumbles upon Damon (you can give him any back story you want. In the movie he has two daughters and their mom is dead. He get's drunk and instead of going to his place he goes to his - sister in the movie - brother in this case on Christmas Eve). I would like a few mentions of Stefan dealing with a concerned best friend - Caroline - but you don't have to, you can just keep it on DE. M rated preferable and with a happy ending. Bonus points for bossy Elena and charming drunk-Damon.

nicole_baka (Twitter Login): So it's Christmas Day and I'd like to see a grumpy Damon and a cheerful Elena. She's decorating the boarding house but Damon is being Damon. He tells her the reason for his bad mood (childhood memories, etc whatever you feel like) and she tries to cheer him up and show him that this day can be really magical. It's up to you if they are together or not (if they aren't then make them before the end of the fic), but I'd like to see a vulnerable Damon and Elena comforting him. Extra points for a really sarcastic Damon, gift exchanging and lots of kisses! ;)

txvdfan: This is for an AU/AH story (heat level's up to you). Damon and Elena have been married for a few years now. Elena has a BIG surprise for Damon, and she's wanting to wait until Christmas morning to tell him that their attempts to get pregnant have finally worked out. I anticipate this being more fluffy than hot, but I'm leaving it open ended. As long as there's a positive pregnancy announcement on Christmas morning, I'm cool with whatever happens in your story. Bonus points for: snow, making cookies, an appearance by Elena's teddy bear. Thanks!

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This list will be updated in January with links to the stories.

To turn in your story, please comment here and
reply to the author here so they know you wrote for them. ;)

badboysarebest/NerdDamon: Elena never gets caught by Caroline doing the witchy herbs to see Damon. She continues to use them until the holiday season. Elena spends Christmas alone without any of her friends. She waits for Damon to appear. When he does, his touching feels real. Is it an allusion? Is it real? Is it a Christmas miracle? Make this as fluffy or as dark as you want. Bonus points if there is slow dancing and lamp smashing involved.
A Christmas Miracle by This Is My Escape
dannielle1989: Okay here is mine. Since I'm kinda angsted out at the moment I'm looking for something fun, and fluffy. Damon takes Elena away for Christmas (it doesn't matter where, ideally somewhere cold and snowy since it is Xmas.) It doesn't matter what goes down wherever they are but I would love to see a fireplace, gift opening, maybe even a few Christmas carols. There needs to be mistletoe. Smut or no smut either way even though I'm partial to some smut. Also it's up to you if the rest of the gang is with them or not.
Kidnapped For Christmas by AlwaysElisabethian
scarlett2112: Elena is paralyzed from the waist down as a result of a drunk driver or some kind of accident just before the holidays. She doesn't like Christmas because on top of everything else, her old boyfriend walked out on her because he couldn't deal with her injury. She's angry and depressed because she thinks no one will ever love her given her paralysis. In walks Damon who makes it his mission to prove to her that life is beautiful and that Christmas can still be a magical time of the year. (He can be her friend, secretly in love with her or he can be a stranger who's completely captivated with this Elena. (Extra points for a beautiful love scene.)
Jump Start To Feeling by This Is My Escape
Glow In The Dark by Rosesareforever
thisis_myescape: Elena's found a way to restore her memories, has gotten everything she's lost back, and decides she'll reveal this to Damon on Christmas Eve. Fluffy or not so fluffy ending welcome. Bonus points if you can make it angsty. Bonus points if you can include a classy love scene.
Remeber Me by Danni1989
You Better Not Pout by Nicolebaka
rosesforever94: I wasn't planning on joining the Holiday Exchange this year, but after some thought I decided to give it a try. I haven't watched TVD in 2 years, nor have I read any fanfics, but I just couldn't break this tradition. I've always participated and I will again this year - even when I actually don't have the time! So here we go... AH/AU. It’s New Year’s eve. Caroline throws a surprise party for her girlfriends and invites two insanely hot male strippers (Damon and ?? You decide!) What happens is up to you! I want something fun, a one-shot that makes me smile and maybe even blush. Extra points for: - A hot smut scene - Drunk Elena - Lap Dance - Lots of sexual tension
Something Sexy by Danni1988
txvdfan: I'll admit I've recently gotten a bit burned in the fanfic world, but the Christmas exchange is tradition. So…in the spirit of all things peppermint mocha, eggnog, and mistletoe, I'm in. Here's my prompt. It's kind of different for me (and rather open-ended). I hope that makes it easier rather than more difficult. It's the Christmas season, and it's the first year that Elena has spent away from Mystic Falls. She has a job in New York City that's keeping her from going home for Christmas. In a chance encounter, she runs into Damon in a corner coffee shop (it's up to you if they've met or not…personally, I'm thinking not, but it's your story). Before he can get her name or where she works/lives, she ducks out into the street, but Damon had enough time to see that Elena was miserable. Damon sets out to do two things - find Elena again, and show her how magical Christmas in NYC can be. Rating's up to you, but I want SNOW, a trip to Rockefeller center, and the Macy's Christmas windows in the story. Thanks! Hope y'all have fun with this one.
Magical by Danni1989
morvamp: AU/AH When a letter addressed to Santa accidentally arrives in Elena's apartment mailbox, she can't resist the temptation to read it. When she realizes it's from the young boy next door with a recently (a year or so ago) widowed father, she has even more reason to respect their privacy and stop. However, she's never been great with boundaries so she continues on. And yeah, maybe her interest has something to do with the impeccably attractive father of said boy with the devastatingly sad eyes, but that's beside the point. When she gets to the line: 'All I want this year is for daddy to be happy again' she doesn't stop herself, the way she has in the past, from knocking on their door. Smut or no smut is okay with me.
Dear Santa by Danni1989
jaybunzy0: I've always loved the Christmas movie "Three Days" My prompt is how would Damon or Elena handle if that storyline happened to them. Either Damon or Elena (your choice) loses the other on Christmas Eve. Completely distraught because leading up to the others death they were fighting... bad. Bonnie/Jo (basically a witch or angel) gives Damon or Elena the power to relive the last three days of the other's life to make it right. Aka making it the most amazing Christmastime ever. Bonnie/Jo warn them however that no matter what they can not change fate. On Christmas Eve they will lose them all over again. But we know Damon and Elena. They'll do anything to keep each other alive. How do they relive their three days? How do they prevent the other from dying? What happens Christmas Day? Praying for angst and love and all things Christmas. It can have a happy or depressingly sad ending. Whatever you want. Happy writing and Merry Christmas!
Three Days With You by Morvamp
dutchess_sandra: Will be a busy month, and I really had planned to just read and not write, but after participating every year and just coming up with a fun (I hope) prompt I decided to go for it again. Prompt: This is as Christmas-y as they come. I would like an AU were Damon and Elena are both actual elves at Santa's workshop. They are at odds because Damon is all about quality (wrapping the gifts the neatest and prettiest) and Elena is all about quantity (sloppily wrapped gifts to get as many out as possible). Due to their constant bickering a large order for a children's hospital gets overlooked and they have to work together to still get it there on time. During their race to make it before Christmas morning you can have them, for example, "borrow" one of the Reindeer, get caught in a snowstorm, use the Coca Cola truck, etc. I'd be happy if there is a lot of (fun) tension and perhaps some steamy kisses.
Saving Christmas by Danni1989
bibi_ca: So, Damon and Elena somehow get transported to where Bonnie is. All three of them are celebrating Christmas together. Mistletoe happens and Bonnie encourages Elena to kiss Damon. When she does, her memories come back when they kiss (yay). Bonus points for Elena observing Bonnie and Damon bickering in the kitchen and for the use of the phrase: "If I knew kissing you will bring back your memories, I would have force-kissed you a long time ago".
Under The Mistletoe by Danni1989
alittledanger: AU/AH I would really just like a really hot and heavy, full of angst fic of Damon and Elena. The two of them estranged, maybe with different people... only to be stuck in the same house after Caroline and Stefan invite the gang over for Christmas. They were okay for a bit but then the two of them start fighting which leads one to storm out and the other to follow. somehow ending up in a cabin nearby... only something happens which leaves the two stuck there on christmas eve night. Blizzard so no one can get to them and they have to wait it out. -No Vampires -Smut -Bonus Points If you make me cry, tug at my emotions and make me love you and hate you at the same time... I will give you all hugs, cuddles, and....I'll make you a design for one of your fics? (Graphic Designer ova her ;p) -Caroline and Stefan Fluff somehow included -Stefan is a lawyer, Caroline a designer, Elena is a writer while Damon is the Ceo of the publishing company she works for... and he also happens to be the ex-husband.
A Christmas Miracle by Danni1989
Faults and Blizzards by This Is My Escape
alwayselisabeth: AU/AH, Damon and Elena works the same place - I'm thinking a desk job, something professional that requires suits and skirts. They are competing against each other for a job, hence their relationship strained and cold. On Christmas eve, both of them are trapped in the building, because they're working on the big project. Damon is the first one to break and ask why she isn't going home. You decide where it goes from there. It can be fluffy, smutty, it's entirely up to you! Bonus points: -Damon making paper airplanes -Elena kissing Damon first -A janitor busting them.
Fire And Ice by Rosesareforever
After Hours by Danni1989
nicole_baka: AU/AH: 3 years ago Elena Gilbert made the biggest mistake of her life by walking out on her one true love Damon Salvatore. Damon, heartbroken, moves away to a little town (it could be Mystic Falls or whatever you choose) and buries himself in alcohol and work. Now, with the aprroach of the 4th Christmas since that day, Elena just couldn't stay away any longer and is determined to prove Damon that she never stopped loving him and tells him what really made her leave. -bonus point if the reason behind her leaving Damon is somehow his father (who sees his son as a disappointment) Giuseppe Salvatore (threat or something else) -bonus point for insecure Damon -bonus point for both fluff and angst.
longlivede: It's the Christmas holiday and while Damon is planning the perfect Christmas proposal for Elena, Elena is busy trying to think of the perfect gift to give Damon after his miraculous return to her. At the end, who will end up surprising who more? Damon with his proposal of marriage? Or Elena with her mystery gift?
The Christmas Proposal by Danni1989
Surprises by SuckerforDelena
suckerfordelena: My prompt is that (AU fic) Damon had just gotten out of 'the Augustine' and he meets Elena (it's your wish; you can make her a human or a vampire.). Elena see the pain in his eyes and is head set to make it go away. Extra point: - A Denzo flashbacks. - Elena annoying (she was just trying to make him laugh) Damon -Damon giving Elena a sincere apology -Damon telling her about his time in Augustine.